Who are we?

Critter Republic is a dive center in the incredible Dauin, Philippines, that specializes in the amazing underwater species everyone wants to see! No dive trip is complete, unless you have seen AT LEAST one species, that you have never seen before! (maybe didn’t even know existed)

Everything from Blue Ringed Octopuses, the Wunderpus, a variety of frogfishes, Flamboyant Cuttlefish and much much more can be found here, and that is just our house reef! 

coconut octopus
fang blenny Philippines
philippines nudibranch

We have some of the best critter spotters on the planet, who specialize in finding those tiny macro species you’ve always wanted to see, and tons more that you probably never knew existed! 

We offer fun dives that cater to every diver: Divers who just want a relaxing dive over some pristine reef-scapes with aquarium fish and turtles, to “critter hunters”who want to check off those exotic species from their bucket lists. 

Have a group of underwater photographers or videographers, or want to run an underwater photo/video workshop? This is the dive center for exactly that! Our resident “critter photographers” and divemasters know all the tricks of the trade, to help you find and shoot the most interesting subjects.

crinoid shrimp
hairy frogfish

So what about the training and courses? Critter Republic does’t just have world-class spotters/divemaster on staff, for those certified divers out there; We also have Instructor trainers and highly qualified Open Water instructors, who do nothing but teach every day. 

Critter Republic is a 5-star SDI and TDI training facility, offering all courses in both recreation and technical diving. Not only do we have SDI and TDI courses, we also have SSI, PADI and RAID course directors and instructor trainers on staff, and this means we can certify you for any dive course there is!

We pride ourselves on “quality over quantity”, and providing our students with the best possible dive training, with the highest possible safety standards. 

Want to see more of what you are getting into, when coming to Dauin to SCUBA dive? Critter Republic is owned by Justin and Judia Carmack, and for years they have been filming underwater al along the coastline here, documenting the countless species they run into. They have an entire channel dedicated to SCUBA diving in Dauin you can check out called Critter Hunter

Here is one of our documentaries filmed in Dauin!

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