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Welcome to Critter Republic Dive Center

As a 5-star SDI and TDI training facility, with highly experienced recreational and technical Instructor trainers on staff, we can offer you a wide range of SCUBA certification courses, from beginner all the way to instructor, to tec instructor and beyond! 

We can also offer certs with PADI, RAID, SSI and more! Critter Republic is the one-stop shop when it comes to dive training! 

Recreational Diving courses we offer

With a wide range of recreational dive courses we can offer, you can take your SCUBA education as far as you want!

Inactive Diver (refresher)

Already a certified diver, but havn't been diving in a long time?

Lot's of our divers show up wanting to dive, but have not been diving in years, and want a refresher dive, rather than just a fun dive, just to freshen up their skills. We highly recommend a refresher, or even retaking a course, depending on how long ago your last dives were! Let our instructor get you back up to speed, so that you are more comfortable underwater!

Course Price: 7500PHP

Pool-side instruction, pool dive if needed, followed by a open water dive with instructor, practicing skill circuit
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Try Dive (DSD)

If you are not sure if you will like diving yet, just take a try-dive!

Maybe you are not sure if you want to commit to the time and expense of doing a full SCUBA certification, and want to see what it's like first. We start you off in the pool, then when you are comfortable breathing underwater, the instructor will take you out for an ocean-dive. Photo option also available!

Course Price: 2500PHP

Pool-side instruction - 15 minutes. Pool dive - Around 30 minutes. Ocean dive - Around 30 minutes
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JR Open water

The beginner course for minors under 18 years of age

For kids between the age of 10 to 17, this is the Open Water SCUBA certification! They will receive the full training of a normal Open Water course, but with a maximum qualifying depth of 12 meters, instead of 18. Your kids are about to become SCUBA addicts with this course!

Course Price: 24,000PHP

Course duration: 3 to 4 days, classroom, pool, ocean.
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Open water diver

The beginner dive course to get your scuba education started

This course is what most consider the start of a life-changing and beautiful journey to become a certified SCUBA diver. Whether it is a bucket-list item for you, or just the start to a new career in the industry, this is where you start! Let's get you qualified to dive anywhere in the world! This is a good course to combine with a NITROX certification or even Advanced!

Course Price: 24,000PHP

Course information: Duration: 3 to 4 days, classroom, pool, ocean.
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Advanced Open Water

Continue your dive education with this next crucial step

Once you have finished your Open Water course and are a certified diver (congrats, by the way) and you are ready to advance your underwater skills, your understanding of diving, physics of diving, physiology and more, it's time to start your Advanced course! Here we will be perfecting your buoyancy, trim, frogkicks and underwater control, as well as certifying that you are qualified to dive down to 30m depth!

Course Price: 22,000PHP

Course Information: Course duration: 2 days, 5 dives
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Rescue Diver with CPR

Become a certified rescue diver

The Rescue diver course is not for the faint of heart! This course is designed to both test your current skills, and develop some new ones. Most students tell us that this is their favorite course, that, although not easy, helped make them a better diver and gave them a whole new confidence underwater. If you want to become profficient at both self-rescues

Course information: 20,000PHP

Course duration: 2 to 3 days, classroom, ocean.
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Master diver

For divers looking to attain the highest non-leadership diver level

The Master Scuba Diver Development Program was created to make true master divers. The program requires a new open water diver to complete four Specialties, the SDI Rescue Diver Course, and log 50 dives. We feel a diver will be a true master scuba diver after these steps are accomplished.

Course information: 45,000 PHP

Ask us for more information or click below!
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Advanced divers interested in working in the dive industry

The SDI Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification. During the course you will learn how to work with divers, lead certified divers, and act as a dive guide showing divers underwater dive sites and the marine life that inhabits those dives sites. You will increase your knowledge about physics and physiology as well as increase your proficiency with your scuba skills.

Course information: 70,000PHP

Course duration: 12 to 14 days for straight course, ask us for Divemaster mentorship
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Assistant Instructor

For divers looking to attain the highest non-leadership diver level

The Assistant Instructor Course is designed to build on the Divemaster Program by gaining practical teaching experience, learning to prepare lesson plans, and give academic presentations.

Course information:

Course Duration: Contact us
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Open Water Instructor

Become a teacher and spread your passion to future divers

The Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor (OWSDI) course is designed to teach current Divemasters or Assistant Instructors certified with a recognized dive training organization the knowledge to effectively function as an open water scuba diver instructor. This program is divided into two sections, an instructor development course (IDC) and an instructor evaluation course (IEC).

Course information: 130,000 PHP

Course duration: 2 weeks
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Solo diver (Self-reliant)

Learn to dive alone and rely only on yourself

Want to dive alone, or at least be the best dive buddy ever? SDI takes this course very serious, so ask us for the pre-requisites to see if you qualify to get this certification, or get more information here!

26,000 PHP

Course duration: 2 to 3 days
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Learn to dive with a disability

Some people who have certain disabilities believe they will never be able to try SCUBA diving, but we are here to tell you that you might. You don't want to get trained by just any instructor, and our in-house "SDI Scubility" instructor is one of the only ones in the country qualified to get you certified. Click to find out what programs we can offer!

Prices depend on the course

Click below for more information, or watch the video to the right! Scubaility courses need to be custom created for each person.
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Want to add some specialty dive certifications to your training?

We offer a wide range of SCUBA specialty certifications

dive specialty course offered in philippines


Get certified to be able to use NITROX or elevated oxygen. Recommended for ALL divers/levels. More oxygen means less nitrogen!

Underwater Navigation

This highly useful course is great with Open Water or Advanced divers, and one of the pre-requisites for pro levels.

Night/limited visibility

All of the best critters can be seen only at night, and the night diver specialty will certify you to be able to experience them for yourself!

Deep Specialty

The Advanced Open Water course is needed before taking this specialty, then you can get certified here to dive to 40m depth!

Performance Buoyancy

Great buoyancy control is a pillar of an accomplished diver, and this course makes sure you can achieve that!

Drift Diver

Now that you are a certified diver, you are probably wondering what it's like to dive in heavy currents! Train for them now!

Underwater Photographer

Most divers fall in love with the flora and fauna found on their dives, and we can teach you the basics of underwater photography!

underwater videographer

Some people take photos, some prefer videos! Learn how to film underwater just like you see on the Critter Hunter channel!

Search & Recovery

This is a good course to combine with underwater navigation, as you will learn how to do searches and recoveries underwater.

DPV Diver

Want to see what it's like to fly? Then maybe taking a course to learn how to use an underwater scooter is perfect for you! Hit us up for

learning to scuba with a dpv

Ask us about even more specialties!


Technical Diving courses we offer

If you want to get into the tec diving world, we can facilitate that as well with the following courses!

TDI Intro to tech diving

Your journey as a tech diver starts here!

Welcome to the world of technical diving! During this course you will learn essential skills while diving with twin-tanks, as well as stage tanks. Check out the video we did all about this course!

28,000 PHP

Course duration: 2 days
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Sidemount Diver

Learn to dive with multiple tanks in sidemount configuration

Most of our students try the sidemount certification course, and never want to go back to back-mount! The good news is that you can take the rest of your tech courses in the sidemount configuration is you want! Check out the video we did all about this course!

28,000 PHP

Course duration: 3 to 4 days, classroom, pool, ocean.
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now we're getting into the big leagues

Are you looking to expand your dive time? Maybe you’re a scientific diver or photographer looking to stay in the water a little longer? The TDI Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to use enriched air nitrox from EAN 21 through EAN 100 percent. This is a common course to combine with the Deco Procedures course.

26,000 PHP

Course duration: 2 days, 4 days when combined with Deco Procedures
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TDI Decompression procedures

For divers looking to expand their knowledge of deco theory and diving

Are you finding your no- decompression limits (NDLs) a limiting factor to dives? Do you have to ascend sooner than you would like? As sport divers, planned decompression is not something that we do or have been taught. The TDI Decompression Procedures Course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving.

26,000 PHP

Course duration: 2 to 3 days
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TDI Extended range

Dive those deeper depths

Certain areas of the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 39 metres/130 feet but you may not have access (or very limited access) to helium. The TDI Extended Range course teaches you the proper techniques for utilizing compressed air as a breathing gas, and with a maximum depth of 55 metres/180 feet, so you don’t have to miss those dives!

36,000 PHP

Course duration: 3 to 4 days, classroom, ocean.
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TDI Divemaster

Become a divemaster and guide for tech divers

The TDI Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification in the TDI leadership levels. During this course you will be challenged and learn what it is like to work with divers as they begin or continue their technical diving experiences. You will learn how to manage divers, work as land or boat support, and conduct enjoyable dives.

65,000 PHP

Course duration: Click below for the prerequisites and information
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TDI Instructor

Become a technical instructor

Are you an experienced dive instructor and passionate technical diver, and do you want to join the ranks of some the top technical diving instructors in the world? Get started with a TDI Instructor Course. Starting at the entry levels, you will learn the fundamentals skills, requirements and be evaluated on proper techniques for conducting technical diver courses.

Ask us for prices based on your level

Course duration: Custom
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Ask us about more tech courses we can do!

02 service tech, NITROX blender, instructor trainer and more!

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